“I'm happy to highly recommend her as an effective, caring speaker and a knowledgeable leadership consultant.”

Dr. Jeri Muoio, Mayor  of The City of West Palm Beach

“If you're looking for a motivational speaker, can't go wrong! definitely want to contact Kelly Merbler.”

Janet Wincko, Sr. VP Human Resources, City Furniture

“She's an unbelievable coach and mentor and our praise couldn't be big enough!”

Alex Boylan, Co-Founder at DreamJobbing


Michelle Brown shares what her experience has been working with Kelly and having her do a StrengthsFinder workshop for her group of high school students for career development

Carlissa has worked with Kelly for over 2 years and used her to help her students in the DreamJobbing program with career coaching.

"Kelly Merbler is such an engaging, dynamic presenter and we were very lucky to have her as our keynote speaker for our first annual Ladies in Leadership event at City Furniture last fall.  Her keynote presentation, "From Crystal to Calling", was rated by fully 95% of our participants as "very good to excellent."  She made sure to ask questions in order to understand her audience before the presentation and gave the participants clear tips – and most importantly, actionable suggestions -- on how to find your purpose. On a personal level, Kelly is a pleasure to work with and an inspiring person and leadership coach. City furniture is proud to partner with her and so excited to continue to have her conduct our upcoming Ladies in Leadership events for years to come!"

-Nicole McIntosh, Learning and Development Manager and Corporate Recruiter at City Furniture


"I recently had the opportunity to have Kelly come into my office and work with my team in a  Gallup StrengthsFinder workshop. I have to say for myself it was incredible. I learned so many things about myself and was able to feel more confident by focusing on the things I excel at.  The workshop also helped me understand how to be the best leader I can be with my team and knowing how to use their strengths. Kelly was able to show us how to lean on each other to make us the best team we could be. Kelly, your mentorship has been an invaluable gift over the past year. "

-Amber Walters, Associate Branch Manager - Tampa, Engineering and Technical at AppleOne


"My team and I completed the StrengthsFinder workshop with Kelly in July of 2017 and if I could summarize it in one word it would be Fantastic! It provided my team and me, a foundation to help us all work better, more cohesively and understand each other’s true strengths. Kelly is a natural at connecting with people and providing real-life examples of how we could apply these newly discovered strengths into our workday as well as our personal lives. It has helped us grow as a team and people and I would highly recommend consulting Kelly to have your team go through this training. The ROI is limitless and keeps paying dividends each and every day. Thank you so much, Kelly!"

-Osvaldo Valdes, Finance Project Manager at SCI Direct

"I Worked with Kelly Merbler on understanding my Gallup StrengthsFinder profile.  Kelly helped me to be aware of the strengths I have and how  they are best used in the work I do.  Her ability to create a positive atmosphere and interesting feedback enabled me to truly understand how to recognize each strength and cultivate the potential in others as I coach.  Outstanding!!!"

-Jane Seelbach, VP Consulting Services at Right Management

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